Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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National Teacher's Day

Today is National Teacher's Day in Indonesia. National Teacher's Day is celebrated in conjunction with the anniversary of the establishment of the National teacher's Association of the Republic of Indonesia (Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia / PGRI) which occurred on 25 November 1945. The predecessors of the PGRI were the  Teacher's Association of the Dutch Indies which was formed in 1912 and the Teacher's Association of Indonesia which was formed in 1932.

Even so, teachers are our mentors, friends, and catalysts. They’re the wild, eager sparks that can, with a word, set our passions ablaze. Not quite parents, they nevertheless raise us to be the very best versions of ourselves. And their impressions last lifetimes, as the lessons we’ve learned are passed down to others, like inheritances of wisdom. Today, let’s celebrate teachers, one of the noblest and most selfless of callings all across the world.

Happy Teacher's Day! ^-^

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